The Perfect Tool for Homeschooling

A full online homeschool curriculum for grades 1-8, with progress tracking and fun, hand-picked learning videos for every topic.
Aligned to the Ontario curriculum

$9.99 monthly for access to an entire grade $5 monthly for each additional grade

Melanie, parent of a 3rd grader

This was such an intuitive and easy-to-navigate learning resource site! A great tool for my kids to use on their own across all curriculum subjects. I definitely recommend.

Grace, parent of a 6th grader

2cool4school really makes a difference. My child scored a 60% on a math test before 2C4S so we focused on the math module, specifically on calculating area and decomposing structures and she got an 85% on the next test!

Choose the grade level for your child

$9.99 per month (+$5 for each additional grade).  Change grades once a year.  Cancel anytime.

Why parents are signing up for our learning platform

Homeschooling support

learn-anywhere supplement

Get a head-start on next year’s lessons

Keep your child entertained while learning their curriculum

What’s included


Easy-to-navigate list of skills from the Ontario curriculum for Math, English, Science, Health and Social Studies


Hundreds of hand-picked YouTube videos teaching the skills for each subject


Track progress against the curriculum


Access the next grade when your child is ready (switch once per year)


7-day money back guarantee, cancel anytime

Watch How it Works

Why we created our learning platform

Like most parents, we were thrust into trying to support our kids with their schooling at home while working full-time jobs. We knew there were a ton of amazing educational videos on every topic imaginable already out there…but we also knew it would take dozens of hours (trust us on this) to match them to our children’s specific curriculum (not to mention put them into an easy-to-use, trackable eLearning platform). We’ve built something that our family would use, not just for virtual or homeschooling, but for getting ahead for the next year or as a learning supplement for in-person schooling.

Still not sure?  Try 3 days of full access to any grade for free!